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Skinology uses both hot and strip wax for our waxing.

Hot wax is usually used for those delicate and sensitive areas and is better for courser hair.

Whilst the strip is used for larger areas and removes hair with efficiency.

Your therapist will be able to recommend what type of wax is best for you.



Full Leg Wax: £25

Full Leg and Bikini: £30

Half Leg Wax: £15

Basic Bikini Wax: £12

Extended Bikini Wax: £15

Brazilian Wax: £25

Hollywood Wax: £30

Under Arm Wax: £10

Full Arm Wax: £17

Half Arm Wax: £12

Full Arm & Under Arm Wax: £25

Eyebrow Shaping: £7

Lip Wax: £7

Chin Wax: £7

Back Wax: £25

Chest Wax: £25