Skin Peels

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Our Micro Skin Peels are fantastic for people who are worried about fine lines and wrinkles, people with mild acne and scaring areas or pigmentation and dull skins. Firstly we cleanse over your skin using one of the Skin Ceuticals cleansers, your therapist will advise you on what one is best for your skin type.

Then we apply one of the Micro Skin Peels to your skin, your therapist will assess your skin in order to provide you with the correct strength skin peel. This only needs a few minutes to work its magic as it absorbs very quickly.

Skin Peels

So what is it doing?

The peel is a solution of either Glycolic or Salicylic acid. Sounds scary I know but it really isn’t that bad at all, in fact whilst this solution is on the skin it is stimulating collagen production, exfoliating, softening and smoothing the skin texture along with helping you with any skin conditions you may have, such as acne and pigmentation problems.

Wow I hear you say, is this the wonder potion we have been searching for? Skinology reckon Yes it’s amazing. You can have a one off treatment or for the very best results we offer courses, take your pick from our selection below.

We are a generous bunch here at Skinology and we love to spoil you so to finish up you therapist will apply a cooling mask this feels amazing after the peel as your skin may feel a little warm and tingly. Whilst your mask is on you therapist will give you a neck and shoulder massage, simply heaven!


Here at Skinology we believe you should have the best skin care. This is why all of our skin treatments give fantastic results and are carried out by highly qualified skin care specialists. We use Skin Ceuticals products for all of our treatments, these are an advanced skin care range with over 40 years of scientific research to make skinceuticals a leading brand in skin care. All of our treatments include a relaxing element which include a neck and shoulder massage for the ultimate treat, as well as giving you fantastic results.


Skin Peels: A micro peel is ideal for people with a dull appearance to their skin. It is great for people who want their skin to be visibly smoother and brighter. A micro peel is also good for fine lines, pigmentation and acneic skin types.
£70 per treatment : course of six x 45mins £350