Don’t Be Callus, Be Smooth!

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With a new month upon us, Skinology have an exciting announcement for those whom have yet to see it – we are now offering callus skin peels with ALL pedicures.   Calluses can appear when the feet have had too much pressure applied to them resulting in hard skin and calluses to appear. Don’t know what a callus skin peel is? Well, let us give you the low down and show you the four simple steps to get gloriously smooth skin so you don’t have to bury your feet in the sand this Summer.


  1. Patching & Wrapping – first we’ll patch your feet with a skin softener and then wrap those tootsies up to press the patches onto your calluses. It’ll keep them there all snug where you’ll wait about 10 minutes while it does its magic.


  1. Scraping (it sounds a little harsh but trust us, this is the good part!) That pesky dead skin will be removed leaving your foot fresh as a daisy. No pain but all the gain! Your feet will be looking fresher and smoother already.


  1. Filing – this is where the remaining dead skin will be filed off and just as step 2 this doesn’t hurt so no need to worry about any pain. This will make sure that we’re not leaving any dead skin lying around and leave them even softer than before.


  1. Cream – this is the final stage and is there to ensure your feet are properly moisturised and banish that dry skin. After this, you’ll find your feet softer and smoother than ever before!


So these are four steps to a callus peel. Simple right? Skinology would definitely recommend this treatment for the up-coming Summer months. You might just want the callus peel but if you really want to pamper your feet then Skinology can give you a pedicure as well. Just as your hands need to be Summer ready, so do your feet. Tis the season for sandals, flip-flops and even bare feet so get those toenails painted! More importantly, don’t be callus this Summer, be smooth with a Skinology callus skin peel.

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