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Dermaplaning is when a trained professional gently buffs away dead skin cells and hair from your face using a micro-blade, which is why dermaplaning may be called microplaning or blading.  You will then be left with a smoother, more youthful and radiant complexion.




The short procedure is performed with a sterile micro-blade.  It is held at a 45-degree angle and is gently brushed along the surface of your face to remove the dead skin cells and any unwanted hair (or “peach fuzz”).  While it may sound a little scary, this treatment is painless and numbing cream prior to this is unnecessary.  Your skin is exposed to toxins, irritants and sun damage almost every day so this treatment will clear away the skin that appears dull and damaged to reveal the newer skin cells underneath that are brighter and clearer.



Once all that dead skin and vellus hair has been removed, a refreshing and soothing mask will be applied.  You might notice your skin is slightly pink straight after the treatment, but don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and should disappear within the hour or so.  After this, you will notice your skin smoother, more radiant, with a reduction of facial hair, a more even complexion and a reduction of hyperpigmentation.  Quite simply, you will be glowing!


And the results are long lasting!  You won’t have to return until about 6 weeks later so this is a quick, painless and effective treatment.  Your make-up will apply better as your skin is smoother, your pores and hair follicles will be cleared and your skincare products will penetrate your skin more effectively meaning they will work better.  We would recommend ensuring you apply sun cream to your face in the weeks after your treatment to protect the new, brighter skin you now have.



The good news is dermaplaning is safe for almost all skin types.  This includes people with fine lines, dry patches, dull skin, deep acne scarring and those with sun damage.  However, those with rosacea or severe acne may find their skin is too sensitive for this treatment. And, while there are many myths about hair growing back thicker, this is in fact untrue.  Your hair will grow back at the same texture and speed as it did before.

So what are you waiting for?  Your clearer, brighter, younger looking skin awaits you.  Book in for your treatment today.


Dermaplaning:This treatment buffs away at your dead skin cells and removes vellus hair, leaving the skin with a smoother radiant complexion. This is perfect for all skin types.
£45 for 45 minute treatment

Dermaplaning with LED light Therapy and Cooling Collagen Mask.
£50 for for 1hr 15 minutes treatment