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Victoria is the founder of Skinology and has been a beauty therapist and skin care specialised for over 15 years. Working in high end spas and beauty salons to build experience, with the aim of setting up her own company.

Victoria’s extensive knowledge of the industry and detailed research from existing clients let her to create a beauty and skin care service with a difference. With a long background in both holistic therapies and more advanced skin care techniques, her vision was to create results based treatments using the best products whilst incorporating modern beauty practices all with a strong holistic relaxing element.

It was also important to Victoria that she offered treatments that actually worked and that her clients could see and feel a visible difference. Targeting a clear gap in the market Skinology was then born! Skinology use Skin Ceuticals for most of their facials, these are a pharmaceutical brand with decades of experience. All backed up with scientific proof so we know these products really do work. We offer treatments such as Derma Rollers and Derma Pen Treatment, both of these treatments are fantastic for stimulating collagen production, giving a more youthful appearance to the skin. You can find more about all of our treatments on our price list.

Skinology’s beauty therapist’s are fully qualified, insured and have extensive knowledge in their field.  Our aim is to give customers the very best treatment and service.

So let us do the work and you can sit back and relax and let Skinology take care of everything.